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The house, lately.

Hello. Welcome to the first real blog entry on this website. The old blog will stay online for a while but not forever since that it just too expensive... I´m trying to find ways to save the archives (any ideas welcome). We´ll see.

Anyhow! A while back I took pictures from the ground floor of the house because I had not done that in a while and while nothing fundamentally has changed, it might still be fun? Well one thing changed and that´s the wallpaper in the kitchen. It´s a Morris design called Strawberry Thief and I love it so much! I think it looks like it´s always meant to be on that wall.

Loook. Gah I just love it.

Everything else is the same, really.

Including my weird collection of jugs.

The adjacent dining room looking all pretty for Easter. Also I got two new chairs!

There, that´s better. Now you can actually see the two new chairs! I love them too.

Looking through the foyer to the living room. I still love that green bench (I love a lot as it seems).

Take a last look at this cabinet because it will be gone soon. I bought it for I think 30 Euro on Ebay when we moved here and were so house poor that we couldn´t afford proper furniture and while I love it (again!), it´s way too small for this room. I bought another larger cabinet which will hopefully be right for this space, fingers crossed!

Nothing new here besides that.

But I got a new rug for the library to replace the "beyond repair peed on" one. Looking at you, Marlene. Quite a few new things really. My bread courses have given me the opportunity to invest in a few new pieces around the house which I didn´t think was possible after the financially disastrous last year. Yay.

The blue chairs are still here. Honestly I´d love to replace them some day because we never sit in them and a small sectional would be much better, but right now they´re here and looking good so there´s that.

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