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Sunday blogging.

Look I´m doing this thing where I blog on Sunday evenings! Like in the old days. Ah.

I love my house right now. We made a few changes in the past few months like new dining room chairs and a new wall color in the living room and it feels very good right now. I´m still thinking of ways to get a Devol kitchen that don´t involve selling a kidney but you know, otherwise my house is fine. Until I change it up again! Because that´s my kind of fun.

Lu and Ludwig.

And Lutz. People always think we intentionally gave them names starting with "Lu" but that´s actually coincidence. (Our car is called Lucy. Well fine maybe it´s a theme).

This is a toy the boys are constantly fighting over. I sort of can understand that because it´s very cute. And matches Ludwig´s fur.

When we got Bruno someone told me that influencers don´t get black animals because they´re so hard to photograph. Well it´s true! Good for you Bruno that I´m not an influencer (bad for me because I don´t get a Devol kitchen for free). Love you black blob.

From when it was a foggy morning.

Never not baking. That last picture isn´t great but good lord this thing was amazing! It was a sourdough based spelt braid with a nut filling and did I say it was amazing. Also I´m experimenting with yeast water these days, I finally got around to setting one up and tomorrow I´ll bake my very first yeast water bread! Will report back.

(Es gibt immer noch freie Plätze im Sauerteig-Brotkurs am 29. März. Juuust saying.)

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