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Hi. How have you been? It´s been a while since I last posted here. It all got a bit too much last year in many ways. But I miss blogging and I will try to be here more often again.

I also (temporarily?) quit Instagram a few days ago. I have a lot of thoughts on this and maybe one day I´ll write them down. For now I´ll just say that I didn´t take many pictures with my real camera last year which is a shame. Thanks to Instagram I have tons of iPhone snapshots many of which I love, but it´s just not the same. So my resolution is to take one picture a day with my DSLR and see where that takes me! I´m totally out of practice but it´s been fun so far.

All these pictures were taken with a 35mm lense which I bought many years ago but have rarely used so far. In low light it gives the pictures kind of a vintage-y feel wich I rather like. Here´s Lutz. I love this pictures because it reminds me so much of him when he was little, before he got mean (he is a mean cat, there´s no discussion about it).

And here´s Lu who is the opposite of mean. I have another picture of her of this series where she looks so old and it kind of shocked me. I mean she is 16 so she is an old lady but in my mind she is still my little tomboy who is bouncing off the walls with energy. We had to put down her "sister" Marlene over Christmas (I miss her) so Lu is now the oldest cat in the house.

I do love you, Lutz. Just be nicer to your sister.

King Ludwig. I whish I knew how to edit pictures, then this could be really nice. Maybe something I could learn this year? On the other hand who am I kidding, I won´t do it anyway. But I will practice taking pictures again! And I promise to show you the results.

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