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Hello June.

June! Time flies.

This is the year I finally managed to grow poppies in the walled garden. I need to work on a more even distribution but I´m so happy they´re here and hope they´ll come back every year from now.

This delphinium is out of bounds pretty this year but like the poppies it started to collapse yesterday after an intense heat wave. We are back to not-enough-water but I´m trying very hard to not let this affect me as much as last year (this will only get worse, I can´t have multiple nervous breakdowns every summer).

Also managed to grow lupins again!

And foxgloves!

Did I mention foxgloves?!

I mean, look at my foxgloves.

I will probably have to accept the fact that the veggie garden these days is mostly a cut flower garden. Honestly we´re two people and my husband doesn´t even eat half of what I´m growing here, so I made more space for flowers this year.

But look, there´s salad (and snapdragons from last year who magically survived the winter and came back so pretty!).

Also these are sweet pea volunteers from last year. Never had that before! They´re so big already and make me very happy. Speaking of happy, it´s raining as I type this! THE JOY.

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