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February for not much longer.

Almost March. Two days to go but who is counting?

The garden is slowly awakening. We didn´t really have a winter to speak of this year, but thankfully lots of rain. I don´t know when the stream in our garden last carried water. I hope this raining thing sticks for the rest of the year.

It still hasn´t sunk in that we have "only" three cats now and I "see" Marlene everywhere. It´s like when you go on holiday and think you see your cats all the time from the corner of one´s eye? This.

Above, a scene from my latest bread/croissants course last weekend.* And below my first yeast water bread which was actually delicious but I think my yeast water died. I´ll try again. Baking has been fun lately, more so than usual.

*There are still places available for the next sourdough class on 29 March.

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