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Baking Bread.

At the beginning of the year I started teaching bread classes. The lovely people on Instagram kept asking about it and eventually I thought "why not". I will say as a hopeless introvert I was terrified in the run-up to the first course, but then it turned out to be lots of fun! Who knew!

Making wheat sourdough bread is a lengthy process - good bread takes time! That´s why I do a bit of prep work on the day before so that we can do the most important/difficult steps together during the class. At the end of the day the participants take their bread home and bake it there!

I provide detailed instructions for the whole process and everyone can take their own sourdough starter.

We usually do bake a few loaves during the class to cover things like scoring the bread...

... and then we get to eat them for lunch!

I love doing this grain quiz - could you identify which is what?

Shaping and straight into the banneton! We made bread together! Magic!

There are two upcoming classes in June and July - for details see the workshop page. Course language is German. If you´re a group of friends wanting to do this, I´m happy to find a date beyond the regular schedule that suits you. I am also open to teach how to bake brezels, rye sourdough breads, yeasted braids and even croissants if that is of interest to anyone.

Many many thanks to Nicola for taking these pictures!

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