So... interesting times. Not sure what to say here really. I hope everyone manages to find beauty amidst the chaos, something that brings you joy despite the worries.

Almost spring in the garden. We´ll have a lot of time in the garden this year so I´m planning to make it extra beautiful.

And same goes for the house!

Stay well. Talk soon.

Almost March. Two days to go but who is counting?

The garden is slowly awakening. We didn´t really have a winter to speak of this year, but thankfully lots of rain. I don´t know when the stream in our garden last carried water. I hope this raining thing sticks for the rest of the year.

It still hasn´t sunk in that we have "only" three cats now and I "see" Marlene everywhere. It´s like when you go on holiday and think you see your cats all the time from the corner of one´s eye? This.

Above, a scene from my latest bread/croissants course last weekend.* And below my first yeast water bread which was actually delicious but I think my yeast water died. I´ll try again. Baking has been fun lately, more so than usual.

*There are still places available for the next sourdough class on 29 March.

Look I´m doing this thing where I blog on Sunday evenings! Like in the old days. Ah.

I love my house right now. We made a few changes in the past few months like new dining room chairs and a new wall color in the living room and it feels very good right now. I´m still thinking of ways to get a Devol kitchen that don´t involve selling a kidney but you know, otherwise my house is fine. Until I change it up again! Because that´s my kind of fun.

Lu and Ludwig.

And Lutz. People always think we intentionally gave them names starting with "Lu" but that´s actually coincidence. (Our car is called Lucy. Well fine maybe it´s a theme).

This is a toy the boys are constantly fighting over. I sort of can understand that because it´s very cute. And matches Ludwig´s fur.

When we got Bruno someone told me that influencers don´t get black animals because they´re so hard to photograph. Well it´s true! Good for you Bruno that I´m not an influencer (bad for me because I don´t get a Devol kitchen for free). Love you black blob.

From when it was a foggy morning.

Never not baking. That last picture isn´t great but good lord this thing was amazing! It was a sourdough based spelt braid with a nut filling and did I say it was amazing. Also I´m experimenting with yeast water these days, I finally got around to setting one up and tomorrow I´ll bake my very first yeast water bread! Will report back.

(Es gibt immer noch freie Plätze im Sauerteig-Brotkurs am 29. März. Juuust saying.)